What people are saying about BingoCams.com

"I have been on Bingo Cams for a few months now it is like my 2nd home. The players are so friendly and I don't know why people say its the same winners because it's not. The wagering is fair for bonus and there is no wagering on cash. The hosts are so much fun and make it very entertaining. They are all very different.

Some are more relaxed and chilled and some are stark raving mad so there is a different host for all personalities. I have to say my favourites are cm John for when I want a nice chilled game and chat and cm Roxanne when I want a laugh. She's bonkers, but cute and friendly with it. She was the first cm I saw and helped me to get started. I also like cm danielle with her tales of Yorkshire. They are all great I like them all.

I think this is the future of online bingo. I never would have played online bingo till I found this site. So keep up the good work."
~ Darren, UK

"I play at Bingo Cams a lot now. I like how friendly the hosts are, especially Darren and Danielle. Although to start with I was scared to go on, I think that the webcams are a good thing and you can win a lot of prizes when you have them on. Keep it up bingo cams!" ~ Kimberley, England

"I have been on many bingo sites and can honestly say this is one of the friendliest. You actually get to see the chat hosts and most are hysterical. Can't believe anyone has downed this bingo site, as if you haven't tried it you are losing out This site is all about players having fun and brings a whole new look to bingo. Thank you Bingo Cams" ~ Beth, Scotland

"I was very impressed that Bingo Cams observed the 2 minutes silence for Armistice Day today and donated money on our behalf. The hosts were so nice and respectful about it. Well done Bingo Cams. Not often we see such thoughtfulless in a gambling site." ~ Sally, Derby

Why Play Online Bingo?

Bingo has been a popular activity for many years all over the world. Bingo is a great way to meet new people, and it's a relaxed activity that brings family and friends together.

Traditionally, the average bingo player has been a female around 30-60, and tends to stick to their Bingo routine playing on certain nights each week, or once every few days.

Bingo is changing. With the internet, bingo is becoming a worldwide craze. I'm sure you've seen the TV ads on every channel, and with this new form of the game, there are many advantages.

Many of the traditional advantages have stayed the same. It is easy to stick to a routine, and the online platforms still provide the users with a way to socialise and make friends.

On the other hand, the players do seem to be changing somewhat. Online bingo is much more popular with the younger generations than traditional bingo, and the technology gap means that many older players choose not to make the transition. However, there are many user-friendly sites that will cater to such users.

These days, there are hundreds and hundreds of bingo websites to choose from, and at BingoKash.com, we are here to help you to choose the right ones for you.

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